Foundress: Blessed Marie Poussepin,Social Apostle of Charity (1653-1744)

Original Vision: A Community of the Third Order of St. Dominic for the service of the Parish, to educate the youth and care for the sick poor. The 攔aison d抏tre?of her community is the service of Charity.

Our Vocation is to proclaim Jesus Christ and bear witness to the love of God with our whole life.

Foundation: Sainville, France 1696

Missionary Presence: 4 Continents,  36 Countries

Ministries: Education, Health Care, Parish Ministries/Social Services

We are engaged in charitable work worldwide and active in diverse ministries for over 300 years.

Our Foundress saw what was good in the eyes of God and did it. Animated by her teaching and legacy we are attentive to the call of the Church for 揘ew Evangelization? and responsive to the needy and marginalized in the Third Millennium.

We believe the strength and endurance of our community is a direct reflection of our strong faith and trust in Providence and our willingness to adapt to a changing world.