This community is housed at the Headquarters in Dighton, Massachusetts. Sisters mission in two different parishes, at the hospital, in administration and one is a student. Those who are retired at home are always busy crocheting for the poor, taking care of the chapel and so many other details in the house.

We fit the picture of multiculturalism as well as diversity. The sisters are from various backgrounds, countries, education and experience. We come from eight different countries.

A couple of sisters have been administrators in the health care and others are the best cooks and seamstresses that you will ever find.
Our primary mission as in all families is to care for our elderly and sick sisters. Our sisters care for each other.

As for those who need special care, and/or full care, the other sisters give them what they need with love and generosity.
Hospitality is the mission of all of us as we welcome so many groups who wish to use our chapel, home and our grounds.

Some Parishes in the vicinity come here for a day of retreat with the confirmation candidates. Various other groups such as Ladies Sodality, Knights of Columbus and Hospice come for prayer and meetings. Many persons stop in to walk the labyrinth or to pray in the chapel.

All those who come here remain in our prayer intentions daily.