A new missionary venture in collaboration with the Diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts was the beginning of this Foundation in Guaimaca, Honduras in the Jubilee year 2000.

The humble beginning of our mission in this part of Central America continues to flourish with the outpouring of generous support from various sources - the parishioners of the Diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts, health care professionals from different US hospitals, private clinics and organizations, and college student volunteers from different parts of USA.

We serve the weakest and most vulnerable members of the area especially Women, Children, Disabled and the Elderly. Our programs which continue to grow includes:

A Clinic where medical care including alternative medicine and dental care is offered.

Marie Poussepin Center: a Catholic boarding school for girls from poor rural villages, which offers junior and high school education and vocational training in computer science, sewing, agriculture, cooking and English.

Nazareth Farm: gives employment opportunities for the people of the area and produces organic vegetables, fruits and compost. The Marie Poussepin Center students have their science classes and labs at the Farm. They learn about medicinal plants and organic agriculture during their practical classes.