From many towns and two states they come once a month. They are younger, older, retired, working, single, married, widowed women and men gathering together to become more deeply part of a community of love and holiness as advised by Blessed Marie Poussepin. They are the Lay associates of the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation. As they arrive at the Provincial House in Dighton, they see the well reminiscent of the well in France and are reminded that here their thirst for greater connection to Jesus, and His people may be slaked.
Over the past twelve years, the number of associates has grown from a handful to over twenty-five. After a formation period in which the candidates are instructed in the charism of the order, its history, and Dominican prayer life, a formal promise is made in the company of other associates and the Sisters on the feast of the Presentation. The Sisters renew their vows at this time. A joyful celebration follows.
The sisters themselves have been instructing us in the deeper meanings of the sacraments, the beatitudes, and other parts of the gospel. These sessions are far from dull, for they open our hearts and minds to the great treasures of our faith.

The associates participate in decisions regarding what will be studied, and the important monthly social. (We do like to laugh, and have fun while at the same time supporting one another).
At present there is a group in formation. They are a welcomed addition to our growing “family”. While they attend their formation program with one of the sisters ( Sr. Carole Mello) the large group now presents a session run by one or more associates and guided by one of the sisters. For example at our fall meetings this year we were guided through the Lectio Divina (September) and parts of GRACE ABOUNDS (October). We had small group discussions afterwards, a review of our thoughts with the large group followed by evening prayer with our dear Sisters at five o’clock.

It is a joyful group of people. A community where support and understanding are available. Together (Sisters and Associates) try to live a life “firm in faith, unwavering in hope and generous in charity”.